If you are keen to be a part of the Dunedin Windsurfing Association, we would be keen to see you get involved.


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The DWA has several options for those interested in joining:

  1. DWA membership, $40 per individual $55 per family (Two Adults & 2 Children)
  2. DWA Storage (membership required) $50 per Board Slot
  3. Free Windsurfing New Zealand Registered NZL number for any member if required

* The WNZ NZL number fee is discounted from $40 because of your affiliation with the DWA*

The advantages of membership in the Dunedin Windsurfing Association are many. The DWA is a non-profit organisation, so money raised goes directly to benefit the club members. The dues pay for the clubhouse facilities, and any leftover funds will be put back into the club, whether this means improvements to the clubrooms, or club activities. Also, the more members, the better the chances for getting a charity to fund things like building projects, a rescue boat, boat ramp repairs, etc.

If you are interested, contacts are as follows;

President – Simon Hall – simon.hall@alliedpickfords.co.nz

Secretary – Paul Vlietstra – paul@veemail.co.nz

Treasurer – Chris Sinclair – chris.sinclair@xtra.co.nz

4 Responses to About

  1. pierre chanut says:

    I’m a french student in Dunedin now, I’ll stay here for 6 months. I like windsurf, but I can’t just hire the gear, it’s too expensive for me… Do you know how I could get cheap gear in Dunedin, I could buy one and sell it when I leave ?
    I could be a member of your association, but without the gear, it’s hard to do windsurf :) !

    Cheers, Pierre

    • Paul Vlietstra says:

      Hi Pierre,

      Coe down to the club on a windy day and most people will be there. They may have some stuff you could buy.

      Kitchener st, down the road from watercooled sports windsurfing shop.

  2. Paul Vlietstra says:

    Hi Pierre, I have found a board for you that I will sell for just $175 which has footstraps and a universal (single pin) so that’s a start. Let me know if you would like it and I will bring down to the club for you.


  3. Brett Hayes says:

    Hello Paul, I have a windsurfer board complete for sale. Good condition and has been in dry storage for several years. Would suit a beginner or intermeadiate. I think the model is a Calypso. Could you pass this on to club members please..Brett.

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